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OTAP Forms

The following forms can be obtained from the Oregon Technology Access Program.

Items in this section of this page may be downloaded directly in PDF format. Click on the title to begin the download process . You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files. Click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Downloadable PDF's
Title Description
Activities Objectives Plan Once a student has AT, the team can use this form to plan how it will be used to meet student objectives in everyday activities and routines.
Assistive Technology Consideration Guide This form can be used to help guide IEP teams when they consider a student's need for assistive technology and to document the decisions they make.
AT Competence Worksheet To be effective AT users, students need to develop competence in four areas of AT use. This worksheet helps the team identify specific AT skills the student needs to learn.
AT Data Worksheet A planning tool to help the team determine what data to collect and how it will be collected.
AT Implementation Plan A form to help guide the team's planning when a student will be using AT. Addresses student training concerns, staff training concerns and equipment management issues.
Framing Questions Worksheet A worksheet to help team members agree on the student goals and strategies for AT use.
Participation Plan Once a student has AT, the team can use this form to plan who will help the student meet student objectives and what kind of help will be provided.
Re-SETT Grid Once the team has used the SETT Framework to consider a student's need for assistive technology, this form can be used as a planning tool for AT integration.
Routines Plan This form helps the team identify a child's level of participation in a routine and the level of support, tools and strategies the child will need to participate.
SETT Grid A chart to help teams identify the kinds of things they know about the Student, Environment, Tasks and Tools and the additional things they need to know.
Tools and Strategies Plan The team can use this form to identify the tools and strategies a student will use to participate in a variety of daily activities.
Trial Period-Short A planning form to help teams identify the goals and expectations for an assistive technology trial period and to document the results.