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More About OTAP

The Oregon Technology Access Program's goals include the following:

  • Provide direct training followed by on-site technical assistance to teachers, families and related services providers.

  • Obtain, compile and disseminate information about state, regional and national resources available to children with disabilities in Oregon.

  • Help children, parents and school personnel who assistance with assistive technology resources to existing agencies, facilities, private companies and other resources.

  • Maintain a system to loan assistive technology, special software and adaptive equipment for trial use by children with disabilities.
OTAP can provide the following services:

  • Training and Technical Assistance

    OTAP offers workshops in all parts of Oregon. Some training activities are developed based on needs identified through our yearly needs assessment activities. These workshops are offered on a state wide basis. Other workshops are offered when a particular district or group makes a specific request. Workshop participants may receive on-site technical assistance to help them solidify and apply their new technology skills. Contact Shar Lopez for additional information.

  • Information Dissemination

    The assistive technology specialist may be able to answer specific questions regarding equipment selection, use or funding sources when you call 541/440-4791. Written manuals and technical assistance papers regarding specific assistive technology issues are distributed by OTAP through this web site and through the mail.

  • Equipment and Software Loans

    The Oregon Technology Access Program has a library of equipment and software which can be loaned to schools and families for evaluation for use by a specific child. The loans are made on a short term basis (usually one month). A paper copy of the current loan catalog can be obtained from Terry Christenson in the OTAP office. To see a listing of the items included in the loan catalog, you can click the Loan Library button on the menu bar to the left of this paragraph.

  • Referral

    A wide range of services are available to children with disabilities and their families in Oregon. OTAP helps link those resources to people looking for help with assistive technology for their children with disabilities. To obtain help with specific resource questions, click on the button called Links to Other Assistive Technology Sites on the menu bar to the left of this paragraph.

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