DRAFT Outline for Access Now-February 2005
Goal: Participants will develop one or more Action Items that include a goal, methodology, and resources, for applying a UDL approach aimed at decreasing curricular barriers.

Essential Questions For the Day:
  •   How does Universal Design for Learning fit with other concepts, methods, and materials know and how can it be applied to improve outcomes for struggling students?
  •   What do I need to do and have to work successfully with teachers, so that UDL is intergrated into teacher practice? How will I know if I am successful?

  • I.           Reaching and Teaching Every Student: Universal Design for Learning

    Overview of Universal Design concepts

    Goal: Provide participants with an overview of UDL and basic understanding of connections to the three neural networks and the importance of digital materials.

    Materials: PowerPoint handout

    II.           UDL Resources

    Goal: Introduce participants to UDL resources and tools for use in professional development activities and connect new information to the essential question.

  •   Thinking Reader
  •   UDL Toolkit
  •   Model Lessons
  •   Case Stories
  • Materials: UDL Resources handout

    III.           Systemic Change: State & Federal Solutions

    Goal: Provide an overview of a successful statewide UDL initiative involving standards, instructional practice, instructional materials & assessment. Reference copyright issues (Chafee) & NIMAS Select identified barriers identified by participants.

    Materials: PPT handout, flip chart pages, sample 3...2...1 Barriers

    IV.           Action Items: Identify Barriers

    Goal: Participants review their barrier identification in the context of UDL resources and tools and associate these with an action item.

    Materials: Distribute Brief Action Items Form

    V.           Identify an Action Item (Return Index Cards to tables)


  •   UDL Toolkits
  •   Model Lessons
  •   PAL Model Lessons
  •   UDL Training Guide Model Lessons
  •   Case Stories